Take Stock in Children

Take Stock in Children in Charlotte County, FLTake Stock in Children is a statewide, non-profit organization that has a proven record of helping low-income, at-risk children stay out of trouble, graduate from high school, attend college, and become productive citizens.

In Charlotte County, the Take Stock in Children program is administered by the Charlotte Local Education Foundation. Throughout the state over 24,000 students are involved in the program. In Charlotte County, over 120 students participate in this successful program, including those who have already begun their studies at college or vocational-technical schools.

Our Take Stock in Children program provides a comprehensive approach to learning. Through helping students learn to identify problems, fund unique solutions, set goals, and lead their own learning with the help of a mentor our students are creating their own life path to success. At CLEF, we invoke excitement in our students so that they may have the opportunity to apply their talents in the classroom and the world around them.